instagram: @oscarfigueroa.ca

b. 1990 in Hamilton, ON, Canada. Lives and works in Toronto.
Represented by RKG, 172 St. Helens Ave., Toronto.


2013 BFA, Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCADU), Toronto

Solo Exhibitions
2020 Blue, RKG, Toronto
2017 Slides, RKG, Toronto
2016 Art Concept Fair, Miami
Me A Talker, RKG, Toronto
2015 Correctability, Correct Ability, RKG, Toronto
2013 Air Planes, curated by Gary Michael Dault, ART Condos, Toronto
Breathing, Mon Ton Window Gallery, Toronto

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 Chameleon, RKG, Toronto
2015 Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto
2014 Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto
Out of Pocket, Carrier Arts Organization, Toronto
I and Thou, 442 Dufferin Street, Toronto
Cluster "Obiter dictum", RKG, Toronto
2013 Garage Sale, RKG, Toronto
Kitchen Party, 142 Rusholme Road, Toronto

          Mannerisms. Artist writing. Toronto, 2017. 24 Pages.
Less Than A First Draft (Testing). Artist writing. Toronto: Robert Kananaj Gallery, 2015. 16 Pages.
On the Lake Platform. Book of poetry. Toronto, 2013. 22 Pages.

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